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Free basic type of license
allows to learn about the software


Free full version of the software for everybody who plan to use it. All tools available, 2 free conversions and 1 month free work period included.

Dental Model Builder (DMB)

for Creation of working ready-to-print model.

Lifetime license.

No scanner creates stl file ready to print or even properly use before processing in external software. DMB allows to be free of any other software regarding working models production.

Be independent of any software delivered with your scanner.

Available tools:

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  • import stl scans of one or two jaws (DMB may be used with closed stl models or opened stl models from intra-oral scanner)
  • orientation in 3D space
  • cut of unnecessary parts of 3D mesh
  • minor 3D mesh reparations
  • simple bases adding
  • “hollow” model creation
  • marking models by 3D text
  • export to ready-to-print stl file

2 free conversions.
Free updates.
Free technical support.


Diagnostic Model Editor (DME)

for Creation of diagnostic ready to
3D set-up model (DDP-Ortho standard).

Lifetime license.

Static stl’s models have limits in use, work like simple 3D visualization only. For VTO or CAD/CAM you to need manipulate with teeth. This is DME area.
Here you achieve DDP Ortho diagnostic models and this way may do diagnostic, treatment planning, bracket placement, aligners and much more.
Available tools:

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  • import stl scan of jaws (DME may be used with closed stl models or opened stl models from intra-oral scanner preparation)
  • orientation in 3D space
  • occlusion adjustments to bite registration
  • orthodontic type model bases adding
  • anatomical data adding
  • teeth segmentation
  • export to DDP-Ortho standard file

2 free conversions.
Free updates.
Free technical support.


Aligner planner (AP)

for aligner treatment’s steps planning.

Lifetime license.

Virtual set-up as the treatment plan, can be easily converted into aligner’s steps. Generated series of virtual working models is ready to 3D print, then thermophorming technology allows to produce ready-to-use splints. AP module is an efficient and easy way of teeth motion paths planning with full control about speed and order of movements. AP module is dedicated for dental technicians but doctors can use it as well. The result of AP module's work is optimized teeth movement’s plan and ready working models.
Available tools:

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  • step’s distance / rotation parametrization
  • IPR planning
  • automatic steps generation
  • complete teeth movement’s adjustment
  • working model’s range trimming
  • models marking
  • treatment’s flow sheet generation

2 free conversions.
Free updates.
Free technical support.



For full access of stl file management and CAD/CAM in orthodontics it is DMB and DME licensing recommended.


When you are out of conversions you can buy them directly from here using PayPal / Credit card option or ask your local dealer for customized conversions offer

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The’re is possibly to use purchased DMB conversions for payment for DME conversions and opposite in proportion to the price of each type of conversions (8 DMB conversions = 5 DME conversions). Current available conversions number is available after logging into user’s account